Why Choose Us?

MiHUMANTRiBE Mission Statement

Here is where we all come together, where we can truly start again, find our purpose and walk an authentic path of life. To heal with each other. 

At MiHUMANTRiBE, the commonality of the causes of our traumas unites us in determination and solidarity to break free of the past and look to a future, where only Love and Kindness live.

A judgment-free zone where all can come together, to Heal One Another, and to engage in Active Trauma Resolution, no matter when, where or how it originated. We are the platform, the foundation, the open door to support all and to provide solutions addressing child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health disorders. There are ways to find the directions toward freedom from the harm. Together, we chart that course.

Our mission is as much on prevention as it is dealing with trauma and recovery those root issues are identified and, ideally, before they manifest as deep-rooted issues. Medically and societal advances now can often help discern, by age 5, which children have the propensity to become substance abusers; that information gives us the chance to begin our solidarity early, with the potential for life-changing results. This is the place where we will share how to start over, find our purpose and live our authentic life.

***A portion of proceeds from merchandise sales will be donated to Not for Profit Organizations that provide solutions for our mission!

"There is no life script to follow. Only follow the life script you write."

Gabriele Whyard